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Freshwater fishing in the Eastern Sierras means almost exclusively Trout fishing. The Eastern Sierras are known to produce the finest trout fishing in California. The success of a stream fishing experience in this area depends on many factors including the amount of snowfall, the runoff, timing of insect hatches, weather patterns, etc. Generally, trout fishing is better in the spring and fall than it is in the summer. When summer comes on, experienced stream anglers follow 60-65 F water temperature up to higher elevations as back roads become passable. In July and August, a good trout spot is the cool tailwaters below dams. There are also many outstanding trout fishing lakes in the region including the fine lakes of the Mammoth Lakes area, including the legendary Crowley Lake.

Bass fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing enjoyed by thousands of anglers in California.

This is mainly because bass are a great fighting game fish and can make for great sport when catching them.

The main reason why California Bass Fishing is so popular is because bass can be found in thousands of lakes, reservoirs, and rivers.

The largemouth bass fishing in California is awesome with fish being regularly caught over 10 pounds.

You can easily hire a California bass fishing guide, who will take you to the best areas for big catches in California.

There is no lack of places where you can catch Trout in California. For those new to Trout fishing or those new to California a brief outline of Trout opportunities is in order. In far Northern California there are several important lakes and streams. The main drainages in this area include the Sacramento River, Pit River and Klamath River. The Sacramento and Pit Rivers form a blue ribbon trout fishery. Shasta Lake is also known for a high quality trout fishery. At Shasta Lake you can often take many fine strings of kamloops rainbow and brown trout by trolling, casting or bait fishing. In the same drainage are the upper Sacramento River and the McCloud River. Both of these elegant mountain streams are among the finest Trout waters in the West. Eagle Lake is a very special Trout fishery in California. At this lake only the Eagle Lake Rainbow can survive in the highly alkaline water. Lake Almanor and the north fork of the Feather River form an extensive fishery in Plumas County. The north fork of the Feather River is one of the finest Trout fisheries in the country as it features fishing in tiny spring-fed creeks that provide ideal brook trout fishing year around. Lake Oroville is another great place for Trout fishing in California. In the fall and winter thousands of kamloops rainbows and brown trout are taken. Lake Tahoe is one of the few California Lakes that have lake trout. The feeder streams to the lake, and from it, make up some of the best Trout waters in this part of California.