California Trout Fishing

There is no lack of places where you can catch Trout in California. For those new to Trout fishing or those new to California a brief outline of Trout opportunities is in order. In far Northern California there are several important lakes and streams. The main drainages in this area include the Sacramento River, Pit River and Klamath River. The Sacramento and Pit Rivers form a blue ribbon trout fishery. Shasta Lake is also known for a high quality trout fishery. At Shasta Lake you can often take many fine strings of kamloops rainbow and brown trout by trolling, casting or bait fishing. In the same drainage are the upper Sacramento River and the McCloud River. Both of these elegant mountain streams are among the finest Trout waters in the West. Eagle Lake is a very special Trout fishery in California. At this lake only the Eagle Lake Rainbow can survive in the highly alkaline water. Lake Almanor and the north fork of the Feather River form an extensive fishery in Plumas County. The north fork of the Feather River is one of the finest Trout fisheries in the country as it features fishing in tiny spring-fed creeks that provide ideal brook trout fishing year around. Lake Oroville is another great place for Trout fishing in California. In the fall and winter thousands of kamloops rainbows and brown trout are taken. Lake Tahoe is one of the few California Lakes that have lake trout. The feeder streams to the lake, and from it, make up some of the best Trout waters in this part of California.

Trout fishing is a popular activity for anglers in California.  Here are 4 trout fishing tips to ensure that you have a positive California Trout Fishing experience, and to help increase the number of trout you catch.

California Trout Fishing Tip #1:

The ideal California trout fishing gear should be lightweight. A 5 foot ultra light rod paired with an ultra light reel is the preferred trout fishing setup for many experienced California anglers. You will have no problem catching very large trout with this type of setup. The recommended hook size for live bait is a size 10 hook. The next piece of trout fishing gear to consider is the fishing lure. It is preferable to use smaller lures when trout fishing in California. Accomplished anglers normally do not fish for trout with spinners and spoons heavier than a 1/4 ounce. When trout fishing, also try to avoid using minnow type plugs longer than 4 inches. One of the top California trout fishing tips is to use light fishing gear.

California Trout Fishing Tip #2

Pay attention to the size and color of clothing you wear when trout fishing in California. If you are trout fishing and wading in the water, the color of clothing you are wearing becomes very important. Avoid wearing plain white clothing or anything with bright colors. These color stand out too much, and will actually repel the fish away from you. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear clothing that blends in well with the surroundings. The colors that best accomplish this are usually dull browns and greens. Another of the top California trout fishing tips to remember is to only wear dull-colored clothing, and avoid any clothing with bright colors.

California Trout Fishing Tip #3

One of the most overlooked things while trout fishing in California is the smell of your hands. Any unnatural smells on your hands will be transferred to the bait and will work to repel the trout. You need to remember that trout and most fish in general have a very acute sense of smell. If you are a smoker, be sure to rub dirt or mud on your hands after smoking. Before trout actually bite the bait, they will first sniff out the bait. If you smoked a cigarette and than touched the bait, it will smell of cigarettes, which is a major repellant for trout. The third of the California trout fishing tips to remember is to avoid any unnatural scents.

California Trout Fishing Tip #4

The way the bait is presented is also something that cannot be overlooked when trout fishing in California. Trout are very intelligent fish, and so the bait needs to appear to be as natural as possible. The use of gang hooks is a great way to make your bait more natural and presentable to trout. It is extremely important that no part of the hook be showing, so be sure to completely cover any signs of the hook with your bait. The last of the California trout fishing tips is to ensure that your bait appears to be as natural as possible.