As a specialist in cosmetic aromatherapy for the past 40 years, we design, manufacture, and market the cosmetic products for the brand DECLEOR.

A product's natural origin, plant-based formula, and essential oils make up the core of DECLEOR's brand.

With that in mind, we pay special attention to:
- respecting the environment
- conserving resources
- preventing pollution

We would like to advance our commitments even further by working to continuously improve the environmental management goals we implemented in 2008.

In addition to adhering to legal requirements (and other regulations), we commit to the following:

continuing our efforts to reduce and recycle waste
improving the effectiveness of the treatment of our industrial waste water
optimising our energy and water consumption.

At each step in the design of our products and their marketing materials, each and every one of us has a stake in the matter, starting with the design of our creams and lotions... to the selection of our raw materials suppliers, packaging material, machines, manufacturing processes, and the small, everyday ways we can help protect the environment.

Empowering, involving, and increasing the awareness of all our employees make up the foundation of our efforts to limit the negative impacts of our company on the environment and achieve a sustainable development model.

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