Ginger essential oil Essential Oils for skincare

Regenerating Ginger

About Ginger

INCI name
Essential oil name
Ginger essential oil
Sri Lanka, India
Part used
Spicy, sharp, light
Extraction method
Steam distillation
Between 13 and 30 ML of ginger essential oil per KG of dry plant Between 3 and 6 ML of ginger essential oil per fresh plant*
*Faucon, M. Traité d’aromathérapie scientifique et médicale : fondements & aide à la prescription. (Sang de la terre, 2015).

About the plant

Common names
Latin name
Zingiber officinale
Botanical family
Plant detail
The plant is an herbaceous plant that looks like curcuma. There are two types of rhizomes (yellow and grey) and only the grey rhizome can give the essential oil. The rhizome is harvested 10 months after the plant withers. Then, rhizomes are washed and dried under sun.

Our expert Dr Françoise Couic Marinier tells you all about essential oils.

With its long-standing reputation as a healer, Ginger Essential Oil has been used in aromatherapy for years thanks to its natural rewards for the mind, body and health.

Here’s all you need to know about Ginger Oil and its noteworthy benefits to help you incorporate it into your daily rituals.