A hit of hydration and a boost of radiance

A hit of hydration and a boost of radiance

A hit of hydration and a boost of radiance

Hydration is famously the key to well-balanced skin. Whether your skin is sensitive or dehydrated, the perfect level of hydration provided by this intergalactic box of skincare products will bring your skin harmony and satisfaction, from top to toe.

The universe of Decléor’s Neroli Bigarade provides a full hydrating routine that will leave you with an all-day-long moisturized, radiant and protected skin. Thoughtfully selected to be as easy to use as they are effective.

The Neroli Bigarade Essential Oil, also known as Bitter Orange Essential oil, can even help with stress relief. As explained by Ph.D. Aromatherapist, Dr. Françoise Couic Marinier: «Neroli Bigarade Essential oil is a natural remedy for anxiety, depression, and stress. Inhale the powerful scent and breathe in deeply to instantly relax your mind.»

1. Néroli Bigarade Hydrating Aromessence Serum 

That’s the sensation which is replicated with Néroli Bigarade Hydrating Aromessence Serum. Giving your skin a hit of hydration and a boost of radiance, this 100% natural face oil serum soothes the senses. Using only the highest grade of Essential Oils of pharmaceutical qualities, and cold-pressed Botanical Oils, the result is a fine, silky texture. Non-sticky and easy to apply.

This best-seller serum is perfect to use during your morning skincare routine. 92%* of women noticed their skin was more comfortable, while 83%** notice more luminous, radiant & smooth skin. It’s also highly nourishing and relaxing to apply to a freshly cleansed face before you go to sleep!

As an added bonus, the Neroli Bigarade Hydrating Aromessence Serum goes beautifully with your make-up look, boosting a dewy texture from within. You can even add a drop directly into your foundation before applying for that extra glow.

An exceptional botanical oil serum, it is power-packed with all the goodness of our Essential Oils of pharmaceutical quality – without colorants or mineral oils, of course.

2. Neroli Bigarade Rich Day Cream 

Do you struggle with a dry, stiff, or tugging sensation on your skin? Does it often feel tight right after washing it? If so, the Neroli Bigarade Rich Day Cream is the perfect pairing to the Aromessence Néroli Bigarade Aromessence as its 98% natural-origin deeply moisturizes intensely hydrate and illuminate your skin. Not only upon application, but even throughout the day as its nourishing qualities leave your skin feeling immediately smoother, more supple, and bouncier. No wonder clinical tests showed that hydration levels in the skin were up by +40%*** after 8 hours! 

Not only will your skin feel and look more hydrated, it subsequently removes that dull hue which a dry or dehydrated skin often experience. Allowing for a healthier-looking coloration and glow.

3. Néroli Bigarade Bath & Shower Gel

Here at Decléor, we believe there is no reason why your whole body shouldn’t be treated in the same thoughtful way as your facial skin. By bringing the Essential Oil of Neroli Bigarade, known for its intensely hydrating powers, into your showers or baths you’ll allow your whole skin to start or end the day on a more hydrated note. 

Professionally formulated to leave your skin feeling both supple and energized, with an intense sensation of hydration, you only need a drop to experience the potent sensation and revitalizing scent of the Neroli Bigarade Shower Gel.

88%**** of women felt their skin was gently cleansed, while 85%**** found that their skin felt comfortable after showering.

Beauty Tip! Be sure to tap your skin dry with a towel in a gentle manner after rinsing off to allow the formulations nourishing ingredients to work their magic on your skin throughout the day.  

Now, are you ready to soak up the complete hydration of Neroli Bigarade, and experience the look and feel of more supple and nourished skin? To fully experience Decléor, find your products or book a treatment appointment at your nearest institute, spa, or pharmacy.

* Self-assessment test on 54 women after one application.
** Self-assessment test on 54 women after 4 weeks.
*** Clinical test on 24 women
**** Self-assessment test on 106 women

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